Reviews for "Lady Noir"

Pretty good

For a 'noir' collab, there wasn't much that could really be called noir, but the animation's still pretty good

Not a full 10. A good 8 will do.

The first part sucked. I was about to rate stop the movie altogether, but I remembered the description said 4 stories, so I was waiting for it to happen. Even though the animation needs tons of work, it as a nice twist story-wise.

The second part was amazing. I loved the animation and the way you gave her the persona of a ruthless animal. I think this helped set the standard for her character during this collab. Wonderful work.

The third part.....dude, when you play Floyd you just win. So thanks for showing us your dapper side with this bit. Even though all the male faces were basically the same, the whole thing still gave me the sense that I was watching some British crime movie....Layercake, Two Guns...yes, I enjoyed those. So thanks for the memories.

The fourth part is a pure female version of Josh Hartnett's character from Sin City; the assassin. lol My complaint about this bit was that the proportions were wrong, namely her legs. One of them was just too fat for a back shot.

Anyway good show! 8/10 because once you get over the first bit, it does become enjoyable to watch.


i'm diggin the audio

only for the first clip, credits, and the title screen

Very Nice!

I really liked choice of colors. Really cool stuff!


the wanted portrait caught my eye since her head fit perfectly on it nice animation though c: