Reviews for "Lady Noir"


Awesome work, hopefully more Lady Noir collabs will appear in the future. Loved the visual reference to Dini and Timm's Batman:TAS in the first act.


Its *decisions* not *decesions*... but yeah 10/10 anyway, I had a good time. :)


I love what redharvest did. He did an exceptional job with this. The poetic/deep rooted/unattainable is so amazing in this. The first was good with plot and scenery. The second was great how she transformed and the people did too. I love the flow. can say I honestly got into the story of 3. It was like a real movie. Like I said the last one took the cake though. Good job and I am glad you put it all together. By the way i love this music.


i like the gor in the middle


This was pretty good.