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Reviews for "Lady Noir"

It was Good Overall

Pretty Good. The art is amazing (although it changed drastically from "Act" to act, which was strange. Her reasons for killing the last two guys weren't explained well enough, it seemed like she just did it without much of a reason, or the reason not being presented well. Plus, there were some plot points that just happened to be too perfect, like the wanted sign being hung up right next to her (which I was willing to give a pass on, since it was so crucial for the twist) and the bank security guard reiterating his orders to another soldier who already knew the orders. Why would he do that?

Aside from these things that bothered me, this was great and I plan on watching the rest.

Very Nice!

I really liked choice of colors. Really cool stuff!

Lady Noir...

It seems that the notorious Lady Noir is a killer, bank robber, and a gang hater. She seems to have no one's back and chooses sides at whim. Not only that, it seems that her stunning good looks leave any "male hero" speechless.

great stuff

i loved it the music was great the story was awesome well done :D

just a question

who is lady noir?