Reviews for "Lady Noir"


i like the thrid the most

Part 1...

To the animator of Part 1: You have solid camera work and storytelling skills. What you need to focus on is your quality of art and fluidity of motion.


Awesome work, hopefully more Lady Noir collabs will appear in the future. Loved the visual reference to Dini and Timm's Batman:TAS in the first act.

Utterly breathtaking

It wasn't random at all I felt. It was truly amazing. You weren't kidding, this really was true collaboration. The music was stunning the original pieces(which I must find to download). The voices and story. The story it was good. It didn't give out much detail, it makes you try to piece together in your mind about Lady Noir. The somewhat cliff hanger ending, while at most times to cliche for this it worked perfectly. It added to the aura of mystery. Over all it was spectacular. It would be cool to see another Lady Noir collab. Just to fill in a bit more about her I think. hmm although that could have and adverse effect. The unknown is so much more appealing.

Very nice

A pretty cool collection of random... stuff. I don't know what to say. My favorite one is the last one, "decisions" i could call it. The Mirror's Edge music at the end was a nice touch, I loved that game and that music. Probably the only background music I like.

Anyways, great job, to all of the people who put effort into Lady Noir.