Reviews for "Chrono Trigger Unglued 20"

I've never seen this before. The NPC trio was priceless.

This series sounds familiar....

From out of nowhere "DONKEY CART!"

Awesome refrence to "Discworld"

Clovis15 responds:

Discworld is awesome.


chill out, vegeta! I mean magus. damn you Akira, QUIT USING THE SAME 6 DESIGNS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DRAW! GOD! *breaks down crying in the corner* I keep seeing the faces...lord forgive my damned soul, THE FACES!!

I got the reference

It was so cool to have that Weird Al Yankovic song being played at the beginning. I just so happened to be listening to that same part earlier today! Anyway, this was very funny, but I do kind of wish there was some more action. It was interesting to see an episode in which the main characters only appeared at the end. The best source of humor was easily the three dumb guards and I like how they are simply called Guard-1, Guard-2, etc. A pity his device that makes bridges was useless anyway.

Clovis15 responds:

CTU sometimes has down points action wise, but we always intend to keep things going high comedy wise! The next big action sequences won't really happen until Episodes 24-26. Sorry about this. However, I guarantee that you won't be dissapointed when we finally do get to it! In fact, it will "Thrill" you (perhaps I've said too much)...