Reviews for "Phalanx"


I like the music, and how you made the images on the music

loved it

I thought the animation was smouth the music was good and even thou it was random it made it all the better be-c I didn't know what crazy thing was going to happen next and I loved it.
5/5 10/10
Hope you got a (A+)


That was really well done, the animation was so smooth and to all those opposing this videos greatness, actually read the authors comments, its basically a music video that has no subject. And for that i think you did a great job. with the ending despite its randomness, it was cool, should have had them explode a bit more into more pieces that continued to link the next. but yes very well done


i have no idea what the hell that was about but it was LEGIT


its a bit short but great song
i love sabrepulse