Reviews for "Phalanx"

Well done!

For a project done in a week, bravo!

Was it difficult to synchronise de sound and the pictures. I didn't learned to use sounds with Flash, so, do you have some advises?

P.S. Does the Fin at the end mean you'r frensh? Parce que c'est toujours agréable d'en rencontrer sur NG.

ZenMicroClock responds:

It's actually pretty easy to synchronize everything. I usually work with 30 frames per second and since sound travels at about 29.97 frames per second it's an almost perfect match up. And no I'm not french. Je suis desole.

Nice concept

I usually only look over games. However I found this movie quite catchy and original. Keep it up !

ZenMicroClock responds:

Thank you!

Must've been challenging not trying to include...

...characters of some sort.

Still, I think the outcome is rather well animated - it's smooth and just great fun to watch. It shows initiative and that's something that should always be admired. I loved how it was all on sync to a, and one of my favourite, Sabrepulse tracks too. The graphics were just brilliant eye-candy as well.

For such a short amount of time to create this in, I'd say you did pretty damn well. It was just great overall. 10/10

ZenMicroClock responds:

Thanks a lot! It was a bit challenging to think up of some ideas to help illustrate the movement of the song.


i enjoyed that, and you are now officially cool for knowing sabrepulse, his music is rather splendid.

ZenMicroClock responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

My Review

I like the tetris block and the music.its pretty cool