Reviews for "Phalanx"


I really can't tell if I like it or not. Good music video for a techno song I guess?

Toally trippy

If you listen to experimental music while you're on drugs, this is probably pretty accurate.


i think thats what you see when ur on drugs =b

Pretty cool

Tho there wasnt any point or idea towards the flash, the animation was very nice and flowed quite well with the amazing music. My favorite part was the beginning with the shapes. :) The audio was also crisp and great quality!
Overall: 9/10

Not Bad

I like the Tetris-style part, that was pretty good! It was a bit short for me, and It was, perhaps, a bit TOO random for my taste (And I enjoyed The Demented Cartoon!), but I'll give you points for using a song by one of my favourite musicians!