Reviews for "Phalanx"

not bad music but...

um, i didn't really understand wat was goin on.

ZenMicroClock responds:

Please read the description.


i have no idea what the hell that was about but it was LEGIT


Great animation :D It fits the song very well. Those that complain are just saying that they see this in their head every day due to their meth storage, and dont need to see any more of it.

I saw this on sheezyart, lul.

I thought it was pretty cool.

Sabrepulse was a good choice, one of the best chiptuners/8bitters around.

Very nice

I give 10 stars because I just love this kind of animation and they are kind of rare (the good ones). There is still some placce for improvement in the end of your flash, but I understand you may run out of idea. Especially if the deadline is one week. Maybe the song becomes too complicated at the end too.
The very beginning is my favourite part.
I wish you a great mark !