Reviews for "Phalanx"


Have you shown it to Ash (SABREPULSE)?

ZenMicroClock responds:

Nay I haven't. Didn't he pretty much disappear?

Great stuff, your teacher must have sh@t herself

lol, i hope you got an A =)
for an intro to computer animation class your teacher must have been blown away.
good stuff.

ZenMicroClock responds:

Thank you! I did get an A on the project and he did like it a lot!

I like it!

Some people can find purely abstract work very challenging to make. This video, while keeping in tone and beat with the music, was clever, entertaining, and completely abstract. Well done! ;]

i like it

short but it is still good next time make it a little longer @(^u^)@

sweet is all it is

the song reminds me of the old GameBoy Pokemon games
overall too short