Reviews for "Feed Mee!"

Loved it

Funny game.
Played wonderfully, the little story helped giving it a nice feel.
It also have a nice pace, starts slow and gradually became hardcore depending on how you upgraded the restaurant.
Upgrades are also helpful.
Nice submission.


that game was alot of fun, at first i thought it was too easy but it does have a nice difficulty ramp, the backgrounds where fun the concept was great and the charicters where funny, most of all it was a blast!


Oh my God, this is SO ADDICTING! I spent about an entire hour making sure everything was upgraded to it's fullest! And it was SO fun! I hope you make a lot more games, because your great at it! 5/5 10/10!

Loved it!

Brilliant, played it all the way through in one sitting! Absolutely loved it! :D


I really loved it beccause i love diner dash, and zombies ^_^