Reviews for "Feed Mee!"


Great fun game here. Very addictive. I like the upgrades and different locations. The animation and characters are solid. Storyline is well explained. Tends to get a bit repetitive over time but this still makes a good past time. Would like to see a sequel to this. Overall A+


I really loved it beccause i love diner dash, and zombies ^_^

Awsome Game!!!!

this is the best restaurant game I have ever played! I love the animations and the drawings! I Would have given this game a much better score if it was possible! Great!


super awesome game. wish there was a sequel! lol very addicting! loved it. two thumbs up

L-0-V-3 l-T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B3S+ GAM3 3V3R ! L0V3 !+ M! FAV3