Reviews for "Feed Mee!"


cool game make more plz

Fun but...

The game was very fun, but there is a repetitiveness to it. I beat the whole thing, but was unable to unlock ALL the food items. You should add more levels or some freeform mode. Over all, it was pretty good.


Its Different although its like diner dash. its amusing and very fun. nice work.

it ok

I like it then after a while it was the same thing over and over again. Also it seem if you bought the music nothing happen the waited the same amount of time and the food carry did work for me

Not bad

I like the design and upgrades. Graphics pretty well done with a nice variety of zombies. However, the zombies did not seem to differentiate much, probably because I kept upgrading the shoes and only lost 1 customer in the entire game, so I finished the entire game pretty easily. Didn't get to try all the upgrades as I finished it before I could.

All in all a pretty well designed game, except it may need a little tweaking in terms of difficulty, perhaps making it a bit harder.