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Reviews for "LAHBOARTG"


Maybe it's the weed, but this game has made an oddly large impact on me.
I feel like everyone should understand it.

Very simple, but very good.

Impressive. I wasn't thinking this was going to be all that good when I saw the file size, but I was very glad to be proven wrong. Nice use of Orwell, too.

I think this game could become pretty addictive if you were to take it to more extensive lengths. It's got a nice minimalist style about it though, and I like that. Great work.

5 and 10

extremely interesting, great job considering what you were aiming for

Red Ending Booyah!

Art direction is awesome. I love how you show the police running over the protesters to make them submit. The trail to total chaos is random in a very humorous way. When I finished on green, the game said I only had 1/10 Awareness, yet I had it full when I talked to the politician. Bug perhaps?
Also, make it longer! This RPG-ish style is very addicting especially on a game that is so easy to pick up and play. A sequel or even a longer version of this could easily become game of the week.
I'm glad you decided to submit this!

kinda short

the game itself was kind of short, but it was really well done.