Reviews for "Brotherhood of Battle"


I saw the trailer of this game like a few years ago... At first I thought it was a pay to play game because (If Im not mistaken) you actually paid the professional voiceactor (May he rest in peace cuz I heard he passed away) to do the trailer voiceacting... The fact that this is actually a free game makes u a very generous person cuz I cant buy things online...
ANyway, this game ROX... It is very Warcraft inspired and it is very fun to play... Great game...

Jazza responds:

glad you like it! (it was always free :))


Great game

excellent game

this is an amazing game i give it a ten bbbuuuuutttt its not a hella epic pee in my pants game it would have been better if you could upgrade every single person differently so people can have more strategy.nearly everyone i played with just goes forward with everybody but the rogue and hope they dont screw up.still its an excellent game. :)

Takes some time to learn..

a loooong time... BUT... This..game...is...AWESOME!!!!


it works again :D
i LOVE it its brilliant