Reviews for "Brotherhood of Battle"

It's a very fun game but

I keep dying :(

Gets too boring, too fast.

Yeah, the graphics are very nice, the music and the voice actors are great, but the game itself.. is really boring. I got tired of it in less than 3 games, since people just leave out of boredom after the first 5 minutes of the game. There isnt much strategy, just capture things to get money and recruit soldiers to kill each other in the battlefield over and over again.

awesome game

wish i was able to play it more but my comp is crap and doesn't run this very well

Great game.

Heh I just met you in the lobby Jazza, it's funny how everyone went silent when you came, I was pretty damn nervous.

Like I said great job in the game!

Sick Game

Heres the strategy:
1) buy the bank thing and upgrade your money
2) send everyone in while stealing the other guys goldmine from behind
3) Build a guy every turn until you win completely