Reviews for "Brotherhood of Battle"


Glad i frickin have a Xgen acct

one problem

Make it so we can use our newgrounds accounts. I don't have a XGen account (I think).

great game, except...


There really needs to be an english server and a spanish server, im sick of people having no idea what to do since they dont understand it.


I've played this game ever since it came out in Xgen, and now this game has been revived with more players!!

Good but with alot of problems.

I am having alot of fun playing this game. However, there are alot of HUGE mistakes that make me rage in this game. The major one being can you close the god damn character list on the left of the screen? It somtimes blocks you from attacking capturing mines or ya just about any option. This is really major problem and needs to be fixed. Other then that the gameplay options and alot of mistakes this is the perfect MMO.

Jazza responds:

hold control. hides the left panel :)