Reviews for "Brotherhood of Battle"

Best flash game I've seen!

It really is. Simple but deep, addicting, fun to play and very qualitative.
Gameplay is fun and dynamic plus there are plenty of gametypes and even map editor! Units are well balanced, upgrade system gives many strategic options, graphics looks good, there is even A-class promo video - this all shows how much effort you have put into this game, and the result is true masterpiece!
But.. It really lacks single player. People are thrown online and have to play vs experienced players, and most likely to loose at least 10 games before first win. This really scared people away from it. Tutorial helps, but it's not enough. Withought some pre-online training BoB won't survive...
Hope you guys will return to this game, and it will take a deserved place not only in my heart, but in hearts of thousand others!


it works again :D
i LOVE it its brilliant



Economic war doesn't work at all time ;P

people are too much concentring on gold mining instead of protecting their objective like the orbs or the flag and that why even if it seem that I lose , I win anways.

sandbox mode.

makea sandbox mode where you could pick different areas choose which men can be used in battle and control two teams against eachother to practice or ahve you and a friend play on one computer against eachother if u dont got two....