Reviews for "Brotherhood of Battle"

It's fun.

But CURSE the chatroom. It encourages you to be social and whatnot, but it's distracting me from actually playing the game. It's the most fun when you get someone that's actually at your skill level. I have to agree with Grombie, though. Some people take the entire time to move their few units, and I think it's just to spite you. It's not the game's fault, though. 10/5.


Pretty good game. not perfect...but kudos to you :D

Very very fun

A bit slow paced when you have an opponent who was dropped on their head as a child and takes the whole entire turn to move his 2 remaining units. but fun none the less

Pretty good.

This game is really well done and i like the concept behind it, but the multiplayer experience leaves much to be desired. It took me a while to find a game, and when i did, the person i was playing with left very quickly. I tryed a couple more times but could not get a game. Maybe it's my own impatience and the leavers that made this game less fun than it should be, but it was very well done, as I said, as I have come to expect of xgenstudios, the production quality of your games is always high. All in all, not a bad experience.