Reviews for "Brotherhood of Battle"

love it

summary says all

This Strategy Rocks.

I thaught the game had Excellent Gameplay and great voice actors.

Crimsononic sucks!

he was only trying to help the author,not taking the game away from newgrounds
but still you should make your own web-page and put this game in

this game is great but if only i know how to play it...
ive seen the tutorials but im lazy


excellent game

this is an amazing game i give it a ten bbbuuuuutttt its not a hella epic pee in my pants game it would have been better if you could upgrade every single person differently so people can have more strategy.nearly everyone i played with just goes forward with everybody but the rogue and hope they dont screw up.still its an excellent game. :)

Pretty decent

Pretty good game but theres a couple things which could make it better

Leveling up

In game chat

Mouse movement

how the characters move, i tried moving one guy but another guy was in the way and he wasted all his movement area i know i could just restart his movement by switching characters buuuutttt

character leveling


hope to see these implemented but pretty good game