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Reviews for "Super 3D Pig Feeder"

very fun game. its like if chex quest and super noahs ark 3D had a baby.

THIS WAS AMAZING I WAS SHOCKED this was a true port PRO TIER game with PIGS solid game play that stayed true to the DOOM franchise

It's pretty amazing, not a big fan of the level design though. 4.5/5

i must admit, this is a good game! ignore the reviews about controls and such, you just need to look at every nook and cranny to get past stage 1.
potential spoilers ahead:
the regular pigs aren't too hard to beat and most often serve as fodder (that eats fodder) and is no challenge for a first enemy (a plus)
taiwanese pigs are rather fun to combat against since they shoot projectiles that do moderate damage
the spectre pigs are rather annoying since they appear in dark areas and are hard to see anyways.
the boss pig once you get this far however is a pushover since it's just another taiwanese pig with a stronger projectile and a larger health pool
i must admit the difficulty is very even and has some silly things to it and has very enjoyable gameplay. i just wish the WAD was actually available however since i'd like to make a modified version of it with new pig variants and more stressful maps for the other 2 episodes.

Gameplay is terrible, everything else is either subpar or okay.