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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"

great game killed sometime

ok i loved the game but i do have a few comments that might help

1. hungry goes by to quick

2. i liked the pill hahah

3. for those people who are complaining about stats how about we do something new and test and error.....or is that to out of the world for you??

Quite Enjoyable

I didn't waste my time on intermediary upgrades, just went straight for 2nd best turret, then best base. I didn't bother at all with armor, and only fabricated a weapon at the very end. Was a little surprised my turret didn't attack the giant wurm, but nothing a little rocket launcher couldn't take care of with a little dodging in and out of base.

All in all, I enjoyed it!

WHoa great release!!!

I would have given a 9/10 due to the fact that the auto rocket launcher or the ACR 32 or ACR54 is needed to defeat the Sand Worm. At first I was reaaly frustrated like 1lastbreath that I could not figure out how to get enough materials until the second time i played the story mode and jacked up the digging/search skill then i went to the farthest spaces on the map on the outer edge and noticed that mass materieals can be gotten there, then i used the first gun you get until i could buy a ACR 32 and then game got a lot easier when i finally got enough minerals to buy auto rocket launcher then sand worm got a whuppin.
Cool Release thanks for the fun!
I also like how you assigned the crafting menu to hotkey R so you couldn't reload in base, and how turrets dont damage the sandworm so you have to go kill it yourself!!

nice game

nice game, i like how you actually have a chance when monsters swarm you if you have the right eqiupement or are near your base, superb game

great game!

it dort of reminds me of the inventory system in titan quest...