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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"


This a great and really addicting game. I survived for 36 days in survival and I'm in the 20th place of all time.

But it is annoying, that when you max out your skills, the inventory icon keeps flashing when you level up. It would be better with a max lvl or something, cuz it is annoying that you level up and you can't do anything though.


I loved it alot of fun i think its very unique with the hunger and making stuff keep up the work

Great game

Yeah just needs a few more weapons or armor. It's a bit short . was just aboout starting to give up on trying to kill the giant worm but finally killed it i went wtf when it started shooting 3 fireballs but overall great game

Good game

great job man, game plays really well. I think i survived over 50 days before i got bored.

And to everyone who cant beat to worm.... really? its not that freakin hard! haha Just use rocks for cover and side step behind them so you dont get hit by the fireballs. Also, stay near your base so your turret helps kill off the other little guys.

Awesome game!!

This truly is a great game, but once you get over fifteen days, the normal enemies are way too hard!!!! You could make the stat upgrades more noticable for your character, of maybe slow down the development of the enemies. Other than that, love it, hope to see another good game by you.