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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"


I have to say, this is a good game. I'll try to beat the boss later, and with better armor. xD Other than that, it grabbed my attention. Much better than the crap that has recently been going through the portal. Honestly, I won't be surprised if this gets front page. I've seen worst games receive that honor.

It sort of reminds me of previous games (Mechs I believe). It's very to simple to understand and the boss battle, which I haven't managed to beat yet, is great. Keep up the good work.


Yet ANOTHER lousissi game! I was wondering why AoW 2 was slightly lacking, and what you've been doing, by far the GREATEST game you have ever made, EVER!


Very nice game the worm was hard but fun 2

Awesome game.

But there's one thing that Really bothered me. I was playing the game with the thought of survival and only survival. This worked great, until I got to day 10, thinking "Well, it's been great. Too bad it's over already.", when all of the sudden, a giant worm come out of nowhere and kills me several times. I would have been great if you had, say, put a "You see a huge presence under / coming toward you. And it looks hostile." in the introduction. That's about all I can find wrong. Other that that, this is one of the best damn games I've played on the internet.

Addicting and awesome

Fantastic game, but there are some glitches:
when you go out of your base w/out a weapon equipped, your magazine is 0/0, so you will constantly try to reload, so the reload sound will loop over and over again.