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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"

High Score

Yayyy =D, pretty fun, im still playing on arcade, score 10.000.000, its dificult to survive buts i got lots of resources so ill try a supa high score (L)

Great game, but....

It could have been a bit longer. I beat it in about 40 minutes, and it wasn't hard for me. The game itself was good. It was different, because you had to worry about health, hunger, and energy all at once while trying to get resources and fighting aliens.

Nice job

Unlike what seems to be a majority of the reviewers, I liked the fact that you had to destroy the boss yourself. It allows you to continue playing beyond the ten days. Had the turret been able to kill the worm, my base would have done all the work, while I sat there and watched. You can upgrade the base enough so that it self repairs faster than it gets hurt, making the player challenge themselves against an enemy stronger than them. Plus, who wants to not partake in the final boss battle of any game?

A fun piece of entertainment

The overall feel I get from this is very good but the one major problem I have with it is, when you reach day 10 the time should just stop. The days keep going on and you have to worry about the other bugs getting stronger along the way. Unless the player managed to get all the best weapons and equipment early on, which is pretty much impossible, the boss fight becomes repetitive and overall not fun as you die over and over from the little bugs. Fixing that would make the story mode better, cause with the days still counting up after you reach day 10 feels like just a normal survival gauntlet and not a story at all.

Good, but needs work in a few spots...

It's a good game, but the most glaring issues I seem to have with this game are unresponsive controls (The guy keeps going when I let go of the key AND when I hit in another direction...), how blasted overkill expensive everything is (self-explanatory), and the fact that I can't start a new game (this is especially frustrating since I screwed up my first game. Please, FIX THIS!)... Everywhere else, the game is good,