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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"


Any game sponsor by Armorgame is alway good. The game is really addictive, hour of fun time!

Great Game!

It Really is nice to play more games of this quality...the past year has been real boring but its about time people started making more great games!


nice job dude you get a 10

To all the people complaining.

This gmae is easy as shit.Stop complaining bla bla bla...

VERY good game!

Even though the game may be time consuming, it is worth your time as you will have something to pre-occupy yourself with, whether it is the survival to the fittest arcade style game, or the time-limit one with the story-mode, you will likely have troubles at your first few tries, but hey. What's a good game without a little diffuculty?

Also some tips on beating the game is, get the skills associated with digging first and speed later on, then just dig as much as you can and run-and-gun like what yenski said before me.

Other than that, it's relatively straight-foward.