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Reviews for "Planet Noevo"

You do some great work, sir!

There's so much good stuff going on here. Might I suggest reducing the need for some much grinding? I personally enjoy being able to fully upgrade a character's inventory without having to kill a small country's population. The digging element was a nice touch, but again, by the first 45 minutes, the premise begins to wear thin, and the repetition of the gameplay makes collecting resources a bit of a chore.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed the upgrade system, both in terms of equipment and character stats. Nice presentation, very tight controls, and overall an enjoyable experience. Thanks for the nice work!

good game :D

woooo but too hard >_< give it a 9

extremely fun

i would recommend this game to anyone but i have 1 thing this is just me but I CANT KILL THE GIANT WORM THING lol i have max everything but still cant kill that thing lol agaian awesome game


It's a great game.
I'd recommend anyone to play it.
However, after you finished campaign & upgraded everything, It get's repetitive.
It's fun to play, but I won't be playing it over & over again.

Meh, gawd...

this game is worthy of being a full game on a console like xbox and ps.

with melee weapons and bombs, truly amazing!