Reviews for "Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2"

Holy Shit

I freakin' love this guys music and i agree that this is the best song on Newgrounds by fucking huge margin

From the heavens!!!...

This is pure genius... this fell from the heavens.... this is a master piece!! XD =]

Sooo good!

Love playing it on SCGMDX2, got a perfect in it, and I love hearing it here too, it's one of my fave songs.

I know how to play both the guitar and the piano, but honestly I really couldn't get it. It's so fast and good that after trying to get it good my fingers almost fell off and I still couldn't do it, but I managed to do a bit with the piano.Anyway to finish off this review I'll just say it's awesome, and I listened to it so many times...Loved all the other guitar vs piano's but this one's my favourite.
Rock on!

Your song is so great!

Did you know that it is is Super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 2? It is one of the best songs on there! And even though it was pro I got a high score!

Love it!

A friend linked me to this song, and I instantly fell in love. Am using a 23 second clip from it, from 1:36 to 1:58, or right around there, for the credits of a Powerthirst parody I'm making. I've placed you and your song in the credits, because I make sure to give credit where credit is due. The video should be up on Youtube by August, if you're interested. Just search for my username.

All that aside, once again, this is a beautiful song. I love how the guitar and piano flow right into one another. It's simply beautiful! Keep up the good work!!