Reviews for "Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2"

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

dude i heard this song a million times and i still love it and bow that i heard the new stuff in it I LOVE IT EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROCK ON DUDE!!!!!!!!MAKE SOME MORE OF THESE SONGS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For some reason this defines awesome.

Hey Goukisan!!!

This is an awesome song. I hope you let these live on. I was just wondering, do you have any sheet music for it. I was wanting to play it in a talent show, but I need to know the sheet music for it. Also, what electronic device did you use for these songs? In all, you rock out loud man!

wat can I say that hasn't been said before?

If the 3rd one is good or even better then this one, thats all I need to know. If god had a i pod/MP3 player/Zune, This song would be on it. All we need now is some kick ass lyrics and a awsome video to go with it. XD

best in the series ^^!!!!!!!!!!!

i btw... go to the last page, the very last page of the reviews, and this is wat u stated:

""In the end i really like to see reviews over anything else so thanks again and keep an ear out for GvP 3 which should be finished pretty soon.""

this better be true >=)