Reviews for "Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2"


Exremely nice peice of music. Please PM me sheet music for this song (if possible).


5/5 10/10 Awesome Job Ive Heard This On Kongregate On Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Duluxe 2 GREAT JOB MAN!!! And It Must Be Popular Because Its Used In 35 Entries

Once Again Nice Job!!


the piano and the guitar go perfectly when I make my music I want it to be just as awesome as yours

Your song is so great!

Did you know that it is is Super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 2? It is one of the best songs on there! And even though it was pro I got a high score!

Honestly, one of if not the best tune on Newground

I love this piece. I can't stop listening to it, it just plays so well. The beat forces my feet to tap, head to nod, and the title is so excellently appropriate. I can't help but think when the piano comes in around 1:15 "A new challenger appears!"

Just a wonderful piece of music. Kudos rain upon ye.