Reviews for "Hardball Frenzy"


I like this game quite a bit, It's fun, takes a bit of strategy, fairly good graphics and no lag. Most of all, it's unique.

10 minets game

Easy, relax, abd it's not borring

Very neat

This game is quite impressive. The graphics are pretty good nothing wrong with them at all, and the concept was really interesting. Can't say I've seen anything like it. and for that you get a 5.

Though If you added high-scores it would be a perfect 10.

Another good Flonga game.

I haven't seen any game quite like this before... It's fun, and how you have to use angles and stuff (and a bit of luck) you kind of have to think about it... 5/5 and 9/10. The 9 because some of the levels are easy to get stuck on...


Ah, a real nice game to relax for a bit. Some of the levels were a bit tricky, but nothing unmanageable. The "narrator" added a nice touch, but the music..! That was pretty much the most well-chosen song for any game, especially when you finished a level and were "awarded" a little fanfare.
Besides, the DSO rocks : D Thanks to this game I have to listen to all their songs again.
5/5, 9/10