Reviews for "Hardball Frenzy"


Ah, a real nice game to relax for a bit. Some of the levels were a bit tricky, but nothing unmanageable. The "narrator" added a nice touch, but the music..! That was pretty much the most well-chosen song for any game, especially when you finished a level and were "awarded" a little fanfare.
Besides, the DSO rocks : D Thanks to this game I have to listen to all their songs again.
5/5, 9/10

10 minets game

Easy, relax, abd it's not borring


it wasnt overly difficult, and there wernt very many levels. but all in all its a good concept a decent artwork and what not so i'll give it a 7/10 and a 3/5


Good but gets boring after a while.


I like this game quite a bit, It's fun, takes a bit of strategy, fairly good graphics and no lag. Most of all, it's unique.