Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"

Pretty cool.

Yeah that was amazing man. The animation and the music were easy to understand... for me anyway. I really liked the sinister feel to it.. quite an elegant feeling it is. Good fun/work if you wanna call it that.

Dr. Steel for World Emperor!

Very nicely done, sir! A great way to help tell the story of Dr. Steel. By any chance, are you one of his Toy Soldiers? A silly question, I know, but even if you aren't, you're certainly carrying on the mission.

Well Now you know what you have to do

Oh god's i loved this. The little break down seemed a bit misplaced at first, but i enjoyed it.
I would like for you to make some spare characters ( maybe toy soldier-esq inmates), and try for the song Greedy.

Great work, and Hail Doctor Steel!


if SOMETHING could be better, than it's the "face thing" he does when everything is black except for hes mouth, eyes and nose


an incredibly well done animation keep up the good work