Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"

holy crap!

That's incredible! I especially liked the part where the old-timey music with break-beat comes in...actually there are ALOT of parts in this that I especially like.

in my opinion, anything less than 3/5 is proof of idiocy.

Pretty cool.

Yeah that was amazing man. The animation and the music were easy to understand... for me anyway. I really liked the sinister feel to it.. quite an elegant feeling it is. Good fun/work if you wanna call it that.

Dr. Steel for World Emperor!

Very nicely done, sir! A great way to help tell the story of Dr. Steel. By any chance, are you one of his Toy Soldiers? A silly question, I know, but even if you aren't, you're certainly carrying on the mission.


great, it was dark, depressing, and full of moral potential lmao

FINALLY, i found it.
iv been looking for this video for liek, a year.
just wanna let you know people still enjoy it<3