Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"

Seemed decent

I usually like musical things like this, loved the darkness factor to it, the fucking sniper part/helicopter part scared the shit out of me cause i had my volume up to hear what they guy was saying, thats the only reason I didnt score higher, I really couldnt understand what all he was saying

definitely had potential

a couple improvements i would suggest:

improve audio, it was difficult to make out the words, which i feel are an important component of this flash

clean up some of the animation, some of the perspectives seemed a little sloppy. you might want to consider going back and cleaning it up a little bit or re drawing some of the scenes.

other than that, great song and some really good ideas. with some minor corrections this would definitely would be a 10/10 animation

Have to agree Death crunch

Mix the sound better and you have something...i had to strain to hear what was bieng said.

It was good BUT

The dance break on the roof was almost exactly like something a friend of mine did for the exact same song on youtube! Exact same music and timing. I'm not sure if that's because the song provided for the contest (if this were some sort of contest) all had that music break or not. Either way, it looked extremely similar.
Your cartoon was good though!

Here's his video here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= XvOJHyDypf8
Of course, it's going to be similar seeing as how they're both using the exact same subject material. Good luck on the job!!

Good work, audio needs improvement.

Good work soldier, liked the animation very much, however your audio was way too quiet. The dancing part could've been left out too.