Reviews for "Lament for a Toy Factory"

good style

I liked how the music varied. everything from like a nightmare b4 christmas to like a metal music video.


This is perfect for the song! I love it and it has introduced me to Dr. Steel's music. I have listened to the actual song and it's about the same way, the voice doesn't carry all the way over the music in the original. For the people who want to understand the song I suggest looking up the lyrics. It's easier that way.


scary...... make more >=3

Good, but flawed

I liked it, but it is flawed. The animation, while good, could've used some improved drawings/artwork. To make a flash look good you've gotta have those two work together, and the art was sometimes inconsistent; even if the animation itself was smooth.

But my biggest issue is the volume. I'm partially deaf, so I usually don't have the right to whine about this and I usually expect to watch a flash twice so I can catch everything, unless it has subtitles. However, something sounded off and I was pretty sure it wasn't my ear, so I got my wife to watch. She said she felt the same way, the music was too loud and it drowned out the singing.

Neither of us could really makeout all that he was saying because it was drowned out by the music. I still haven't caught all that he has said. But regardless, at least its a flash that does warrant multiple viewings. I liked the idea, I liked the character, and it was an entertaining little flick.

-K.J. Bird

O_O" awesome...

I really like this flash it was very creative. :] I just love the song lol it reminds me of myself in college lmao. Keep up the good work.