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Reviews for "Sandbags Ultimate Dest."

Hm... Decent Job

Nice work guys I haven't gotten around to checking the actual flash yet but I have to say that we suceeded,... somewhat...
However, feedback wasn't so great... esh!

(Ponders alternative animating styles)
Let's try harder in the sequel

Joeylicious responds:

Ugh, I know..
And now the zerobombing...


10 stars for the tales of symphonia part,i love that game

Joeylicious responds:

Great to hear :)


Can you guys tell me how to make a character run on a scrolling ground and background :(.Btw that was awesome fighting.

Joeylicious responds:

That's what tutorials are for buddy!


is there ever going to be a game

Joeylicious responds:


Truly is ultimate

Congratulations for making such a wonderful flash collab, well what did you all do to make this? I was wondering though.