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Reviews for "Sandbags Ultimate Dest."


I am still in utter shock of the incomprehensibility of the complete awesomeness of this flash! I have to say, you've outdone all expectations of mine!

Joeylicious responds:


I give you a perfect 10!

I really liked it
I loved how the character hit that Sandbag hard and heavy
I've always liked combo-fighting style spriting
But try to keep away from the DBZ style cause theres too much of that nowadays
Wow whats with al the long comments

If u want to improve, some of u should get better beam animations and hit sparks cause there wasnt a lot of those :P

Hope to see more of your guy's work

Joeylicious responds:

Thank you!


Well, as most may say...the DBZ/Video Game Crossover is overused but who the hell cares when you can pull something off as good as this!
Seriously, if you match these artists against some of the ones in the original BuS it is obvious that this collab has a lot more fresh talent!
Liljoey50 & NejiRulez, you two were probably the best thing that happened to this collab! Some of the parts were a bit..errr..but overall this collab deserves a better score AND an award!
Liljoey50, Nejirulez and all the others in this collab....i hope to see more of you guy's work soon, i'll be looking forward to it :)

Joeylicious responds:



10 stars for the tales of symphonia part,i love that game

Joeylicious responds:

Great to hear :)


is there ever going to be a game

Joeylicious responds: