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Reviews for "Sandbags Ultimate Dest."

great work.

lol the sandbag is like ''omg ! what did i do !? it was an accident ! im sorry im soo sorry ! plz let me go ! i whont tell anyone ! and ill give you cookies ! '' XD

That was cool!

Favorite has got to be Earthworm Jim. Didn't expect to see him there! But funny! Watching kinda hurt my eyes a little but maybe that's from just waking up after a rough night... It was a good idea, killing the sandbag and all. Good variety of sprites. Porabably some of the best sprite work I've seen so far actually. Nice.

Joeylicious responds:

Well, I thank you for liking my piece :)
And the collab thanks you for enjoying!

The Most Awesome Sprite Ani ive seen ;D

That was the most fucking awesome thing ive ever seen..
Keep up the good work ;D

Joeylicious responds:

And we shall!


I am still in utter shock of the incomprehensibility of the complete awesomeness of this flash! I have to say, you've outdone all expectations of mine!

Joeylicious responds:


Not bad

Not bad. I liked how you used a variety of characters rather than just the typical fare, especially Ristar and Earthworm Jim. The beginning threw me into it a bit too fast but otherwise, a decent piece of flash.

Joeylicious responds:

Thank you sir!