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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"

My only Greek friend...KRATOS!

From the first moment I got hooked on writing reviews on flash games and got drawn in to the flash world I wondered only one thing: Why isn't there a flash game with Kratos? If there is except this one I would really like to see it. Still, besides this little game and a very unfunny flash movie about Kratos that I've seen here a couple of months ago, Kratos is absent from the flash scene. Why is that I still don't know. There are many flash games about other famous characters and nobody sued the creators. So come on GODS OF FLASH give us more Kratos falsh games, I know you can do it. SwingSwing has already done it! Unite with him, and create a memorable Kratos flash game. I will provide the story if needed, It would be my pleasure.

But enough with my never ending desires to see many Kratos flash games in the future...it is time to REVIEW!

What we have here is a wonderful little game about the first epic battle in God of War I. The art is interesting and the gameplay returns many memories from my childhood, but it is not unique, just forgotten. Still it is very brave to make this gameplay active in 2010, and I am proud that the creator respects the OLD WAYS OF GAMING :D. So you can't complain about the frame rate ;) The sound effects are solid, but a remake of an epic soundtrack from gow is required, also some camera effects would make this old gameplay look modern. If there is a sequel more puzzling levels would be needed and some finishing moves transformed in old school would be fun to see.

This game is a fun idea and I hope it is the beginning of the Flash Kratos ERA.

SwingSwing responds:

Our lives are not dedicated to Kratos, but it was a pleasure to make this game :)
We hope you'll like our next games, even if Kratos is not in them.

Nice, and brings memories...

interesting game, reminds me of those old Tiger Handheld games in the 90's lol. good job!

Very weird

Well, this has seriously got to be one of the weirdest games that I have ever encountered. It is not so much that it is hard to play, it is just that I do not understand how to do anything. I mean, I attack the hydra as best I can, using both attack patterns but my score is still 0. I guess it is still a pretty unique game, as with the graphics and everything. While the gameplay may be incomprehensible, I have to give you credit for creativity. It would have been a little nicer if there was a song playing.

SwingSwing responds:

If a little hydra doesn't disappear, so you haven't killed it (that's why you gain no points).
You should try to stunt it and then find a solution to crush its head :)

Important review here

Well before I start to comment on your game I must tell you that I am Greek and before I play the game I thought that this would be a shitty propaganda game for the "efforts" that Greece's useless government or international support organisations (IMF,European Bank etc) have done(in order to protect and save the capitalistic system and those loyal to it,of course).I deeply thank you for not making such a game but I would love to see a political message of how today's governments in all over the world(except 2 or 3 Latin American countries that come in my mind) are slaves of the Markets and generally slaves of International banking organisations (e.g.Goldman Sachs,%u0399MF etc.).That's why i will give you a 10 rating ,though,Ii expected a game more into politics,but then again I am a bit happy because the only message in the game was very general,correct and also a bit poetic :P.
PS.:Excuse me for my poor english skills as I mentioned I come from Greece
PS.:That's some support from IMF,European Bank and the Greek government cutting down working class' salaries and pensions and many more anti-social measures that I can't mention in this text(because it is so small trust me)

SwingSwing responds:

The "10" review is not that important (but thanks !).
What is really important is your comment about who you are. So thank you for sharing your thought with us !
We hope that, behind our little message, you'll like the game too :)


For an arcadey type game it is really pretty easy to master, but the enemies just get faster which isn't really a fun way of making it harder. I don't feel like the game benefits in any way from being a God of War parody or from the anti-capitalism nonsense, but it's a fun little game and uh whatever seven out of ten, it's okay.

SwingSwing responds:

I don't think the game will be the same without the God of War theme (cause the sequence is really link to this game) and not sure the anti-capitalism texts are nonsense.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your serious review :)