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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"


You kill those "snakes" by making them throw their heads to the ground in an effort to crush you, then you hit them once to daze them. After that you climb up the small ladder beside them onto a platform (and I dont mean the big platform), once you are on top of the small platform you need to shoot at the chandelier above them well they are dazed to drop it on to their heads and kill them. I will not explain how to kill the big "snake" after because I want you to figure it out yourself.
But anyway, I thought this game was sweet and this was one of my favorite boss battles in God Of War.

SwingSwing responds:

There are HINTS here, people !

hreat dude!, but....

I just don't know how to get those medals. I mean i'm killing the snakes every way i could, i just don't get it. Anyway this game is awsome and it reminds me of Mr. Game and Watch, so i still like the game and i hope everybody enjoys it!

cool but short

Is this inspired by the pocket Mario bros game (the one where you have to make packages in a factory)? The style is really cool.
What i don't understand, i did the story mode, beat the level, and just started the same level over??? That's kinda weird. If there would be more variety this would have a 9/10 or so, now I'm giving it a 7.

SwingSwing responds:

The Game & Watch games are "repetitives", so is this game :)

Hahaha... G&W... I got it...

It's amazing that you made a new G&W game referencing God of War. I've loved both games. And now I love you.

SwingSwing responds:

We love you too :)

Pretty good

Was actually more fun than i thought it would be, but just having that one part over and over again did make it pretty much a novelty. I understand it was supposed to be considered a game so no points off for that. Pretty cool to see God of War in an old style like that, probably my favorite part of this whole game. I like how the quick time event was put in the game. It be really cool to see more of the levels.