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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"

love it

Its a game n watch version of god of war hhaaa good stuff


This game makes me nostalgia so much I can almost feel tears in my eyes... oh good old times, where have you gone?


Before i read the description i started playing the game...and i was thinking "hey this is like a stripped down from graphics god of war"..then of course i read the description...anyway...i am Greek and i dont know if i must be happy or not about this game cause of the scenario :P i really liked it to be honest...it reminded me of some old hand held consoles with spaceships or basketball where you had to be fast to move only right or left...smooth movement was non existent of course.. Summary : 5/5 - 10/10 thank you for the scenario reffering to Greece's current economical issues and for the trip down to memory lane :)

SwingSwing responds:

Thanks JohnTheGreek !
The "scenario" of the game is not a simple joke :)


This is so simple and so perfect... I forgot how simple a game can be... yet so awesome

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It was a really good game just like the game n' watch series, my friend would love to play this. Good job!