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Reviews for "Greek & Wicked"

Epic blast from the past

Love this I really do. I never played an original game and watch, but I had a tone of those hand held tiger things like mighty max and what not so this game play brings me back to those long car rides to Vegas with my parents with only the little hand-helds to play for hours on end haha.
Epic, if you could actually get several levels in here I dare say you could sell this online easily lol


God of war rocks!I played all the God of war parts and happy to see flashes about it. :D

good but

i dont no how to kill the hydras. any help?

SwingSwing responds:

Stun... Crush... Repeat... Hit... Hit... Hit...Smile !

Good for a wHile

i got Third Place xD
i like the MG&W Style 10/10

God of Watch!

Now, the funny thing here is that I never played an actual Game And Watch type game, BUT I did have alot of stuff from Tiger, and you know how those were. So, we can both understand where we're coming from here and why I immediately latched onto this idea. I suppose that we can't have more than one God of War level, since these games always had limits to what you could actually put on them. As far as the creation goes, it's cool though. Good experiment.