Reviews for "Ultimate Chess"


This makes chess fun all over again!
Beautifull executions, blood, an undo button!

You, are my hero, you made chess violent.
Your'e a genius.


nc game and i cant believe after 4 moves i beaten the ai


i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But duude, you gotta make the cinematics happen faster. don't fade it, why? or at least make it fade quicker. cause man, after a while, each death of a soldier, you know man? that small time of waiting for the cinema to happen ADDS UP. Also, a general suggestion, make the animation as quick as possible, because they add up.

Even if it don't add up, still.

but i like this!!!!!!!!!!!

3 moves....

3 move kill FTW!!!

uhh :P

Didn't know I sucked so much at chess :/
funny animations hehe