Reviews for "Ultimate Chess"

Awesome game of chess

Overall it is epicly awesome but I would say one thing,

maybe in the screen where you can see which executions you've seen or not you should have the option of replaying all the ones you've seen already

(Also maybe have execution scenes when your pieces get killed... namely at times my queen was "shot" by a horse or impaled on her own sword by a horse...)

still awesome work with this game.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Good observations, thanks!

Clever animations but AI could use work

I really liked the animations. They were colorful, original, and humorous.

On the other hand the AI isn't so strong. It seems really aggressive and places way too much emphasis on putting my king in check. Sometimes the AI just throws away its own queen for no apparent reason. Most of the time, though, the AI presents a reasonable challenge, which is good enough for the casual chess player.

too easy yet a litte hard

at first the computer was a litte hard but manageable but then when i do the three- four move checkmate it falls for it maybe a litte smarter computer but overall the noises from warcraft 2 and the art work worked very well i enjoyed the game alot

One problem

ITs not an automatic stalemate if its just both kings left


Nice concept but i couldnt escape with my horse. the bishob came right by (lets just say I wish there was a pawn and not a horse) And i couldn't do moves that would normally be valid.

RatherRandomReality responds:

The game has been tested for months and is spotless in terms of legal moves. If you cannot make a move that looks valid at first glance, there must be a good explanation why. There are numerous intricate rules in chess which are not known to players with less experience. I recommend you check out the "chess rules"section in the game. It explaines every rule in chess - starting with simple and getting into more complex.

In your particular case, it may have been a "pin", a situation where you cannot move the horse(knight) because your king is behind it.

Thank you for playing!