Reviews for "Ultimate Chess"

i lovechess and this made it even better

Great game and idea


I can't move the pieces D=

It's great.

Well,It's a great game,but I 'm a newbie in this game,so it's a bit too hard.I still loved it :D

Really like it

cool! i was looking for a chess game and i fount this one then i instantally loved it!

PD: Ive got a little bug: the first time i played i won one time, then there wasnt sound, i refreshed the page and it cant load anymore D: plz respond i wanna continue playing.

And srry for my english im not pretty good at english

Great Animated Chess Game!

It really is a good take on chess.

The animation scenes are really good. The one for a stalemate is too funny!

Kudos for makin' chess gory with sick sound effects.