Reviews for "Ultimate Chess"

I am bad at chess so I want a difficulty setting

Woefully stupid AI, it just threw its pieces at me and I trounced it, it's shameful that THIS is the best one on Newgrounds, the only one even resembling one in fact! Also I was really hoping that when a pawn was promoted, it would have an animation of him going into a doctor's office to get a sex change operation, ha ha, but I guess the author of the game wasn't quite that creative. Really missed out on that opportunity there, that would have been funny and memorable.

stick01 it's funny and ironic you can claim to use correct "grammer", though I'm not sure if spelling counts as a form of grammar. All the same, I think you should go eat some grammar crackers, ha ha.

1.Great game. No flaws.2.I got a Checkmate in 4 moves(Scholar's Mate)3.The song is from Tetris 4.If you haven't noticed,(if you're a kid you probably don't know what this is)this battle is the Crusades. White kingdom is Christians and Black kingdom is Muslims(if you're wondering if I used correct grammer, I did)

NICE. I in particular enjoyed the king using a gun, then an uzi, then a machine gun, THEN finally a grenade to kill the queen!

In addition to the checklist, you should have some way of viewing the animations without having to play the game after a player has unlocked them in the game. Not hard for someone who plays chess for a hobby, but amusing & fun.