Reviews for "Ultimate Chess"


Though i hate chess.... you made it fun for me :) thank you.

RatherRandomReality responds:

Basically, that is the idea behind the whole game, I'm glad it worked for you :)

It's decently executed for a flash game, but..

Battle Chess will always be number one for me (it's a tie between that and 3D Tetris for my most exciting DOS moments/hours/).

I enjoyed the game after all, and I appreciate the effort - I bet it's an awful lot of work with the graphics, AI and all, so I give it a 7. The main reason for not giving more than that is the lack of originality in concept.

Maybe you could shake it up a bit? .. for people who are too clever for the AI (I'm not inculded) with "side quests" for achievements (or unlocking a gallery for the animations, unlocking 2player mode etc..) where you have to use certain combos.

Brilliant twist to a classic game!

I found the game absolutely flawless, the concept was inovative and kept the fun of the game flowing, and the 50 scenarios pretty much gives it a high replay value

My only qualm was I found the AI opponent a little too easy to beat. Maybe if in your next re-make of this game (if you ever do remake it,) Perhaps alternate difficulty levels could be a new feature?

Awesome Game

This game is awesome!!!

I can't think of anything bad with the game and that's a good thing!!!!


This is one good game. I just love playing it when I can't play with anyone else.