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Reviews for "Doodieman Voodoo"


Great job on this, it made me laugh like a retard. I was surprised at the amount of graphic anus was in it, which made it even funnier. The naming of the doll was a nice touch too. Well done.


ITS KINDA DISGUSTING BUT TOTALLY ENTERTAINING!! i did my girlfriends name and i didnt know what it was at first then i clicked the first and i busted out laughing...she didnt like very much haha. GREAT TIMEWASTER!

awesome game

although, if you hit 4 twice (try to do 4 after doing it once already) doodieman disappears and nothing happens until you hit another number. Also hitting number 9 once after playing it already also glitches the game a bit. Just letting you know :p

Doodieman responds:

wow, thanks, i'll get on that. darn flash!


I definitely see therapy in your future.
Nice job on the flash! Hell of a concept, bravo.