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Reviews for "Doodieman Voodoo"


Wow, there is nothing else to say.


its the most shitiest hero!

Doodiemans's all pooped out

I do remember this from about 6 years ago when it was new. It was kinda funny then, but some how the poop has lost its shine. I will expect the office killer to be next. umpteen ways to kill your boss.


he ate WAAY too much pf changs

Gotta love good poop humor.

Just what I needed after the Cavs got blown out tonight. Damned Mike Brown... Damned Boston Celtics.

Anyway. The flash. Really stupidly entertaining--I especially liked the last animation. The sounds were perfect, fit the theme you were going for to a T. Great work, only reason it gets 8 instead of 10 is for its relative simplicity. Still dig it, though.

Doodieman responds:

Thank you Roko! I am here to protect you!!!!