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Reviews for "Doodieman Voodoo"


Ha! I typed in doodiman and it seemed like they were reviewing a tape.


Epic Win.....

raw awesome

One of the most abjectly majestic and beautiful things I have ever laid eyes on. Of course, if I hadn't entered the name "George W. Bush", I might have thought it was one of the most hideous, repulsive and disturbing things I had ever seen. So I guess it all depends on your perspective. Dick Cheney, you're next. Or maybe Sarah Palin, heh heh. Or what do you think? Maybe I should mix it up and go for Kirk Cameron instead? Oh, so many choices.

Of all superpowers I would find least desirable, however, the only two I was able to come up with which I would less want than this one, are the ability to contort my mouth and digestive system to swallow people the way a big snake would, and at the very bottom of the list, the power to make my head explode like a grenade. Everything else I come up ends up just being a variation of this.

Its called having Humor

Seriously people have a giggle once its funny but gross at the same time which makes it hilarious xD
anyway brilliant idea but you could add some features like custom made ragdolls/people,Love it..

how does he poops so much?

ya how does he poops that much?